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Toshiba 2tb 7200rpm Desktop Hard Disk (hdkpb04zma01) Hdd

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Description for toshiba 2tb 7200rpm desktop hard disk (hdkpb04zma01) hdd

Key Features toshiba 2tb 7200rpm desktop hard disk (HDKPB04ZMA01) hdd

  • Drive Interface: Sata 6GB/S
  • Platform: PC Products
  • Cache: 64MB
  • Storage Capacity: 2TB
  • Features: Halogen Free, Advanced Format Technology
  • Enclosure: Internal
  • Type: HDD
  • Rotation Speed: 7200RPM
  • External Data Transfer Rate: 600Mbps

The Toshiba 2TB internal HDKPB04ZMA01hard drive is 3.5 inches with a speed of 7200 RPM. This hard drive features improved response time with a 32-MB buffer and SATA III interface. The HDKPB04ZMA01 hard drive series is Toshiba’s first 3.5-inch component and is designed for use in both consumer and commercial desktop computers. The measurements and fine tuning of the hard drive keep power consumption lower. It also stays cool so your computer will not suffer under the high temperatures that many laptops and oversized, overworked hard drives do. The HDKPB04ZMA01 Desktop HDDs are also designed for faster data processing using Advanced Sector Format technology to improve error-correcting code functions and more effectively use available storage surface area. The HDKPB04ZMA01 contains a single-platter, 2-TB disk that was originally manufactured by Hitachi and rebranded when the 3.5-inch Hitachi HDs were acquired. The SATA III interface (Serial AT Attachment) is a specialized computer bus used to connect the host bus adapter to a mass storage devices. Thanks to the SATA adapter, this drive can be used as an external storage unit with massive space to keep your documents, music, gaming updates, videos, movies, and much more safe. The Toshiba HDKPB04ZMA01 runs on the quiet end of the spectrum, both at rest and when active. Power consumption runs at mid-range when at rest and at the lower end when at work. Part of the 7200 RPM HDD series, the HDKPB04ZMA01 was created for the environmentally concerned consumer that nevertheless wants a high-performance desktop computer or gaming system. In relation to the previous HD model sold by Toshiba, the HDKPB04ZMA01 saves up to 16 percent in power consumption. The Toshiba Advanced Format HD model features an eco-friendly, halogen-free design that competes very well with similar 2TB hard drives in terms of efficiency. The drive storage is such that your desktop computer will be transformed into one of the best gaming systems available with the added bonus that the internal components will heat less quickly. Thanks to the advanced cooling system of a desktop computer, the Toshiba hard drive will perform at its peak for much longer.

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