For Laughing Out Loud: My Life and Good Times

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In this warm and sometimes hysterically funny autobiography, the man who made it all look so deceptively easy talks about the brightest stars, the zaniest bits, and the most embarrassing moments both on Johnny's couch and out of camera range. Ed shares insights about the comic genius called Carson, who was not only his on-air partner, but also a deep and long-standing friend. And he reveals the origins of some of modern culture's most memorable utterances--both catchphrases and rallying cries---like "Heeeeere's Johnny!," "Hi-yoooo, " and "You are correct, sir!"His career spans almost sixty years, and he has shared laughs with everyone from Frank Sinatra and John Wayne to Rosie O'Donnell and Sinbad. The Ed McMahon story is big.

How big is it?

It's so big that Ed's own story can be said to be the very story of modern American entertainment itself.

And now, "Heeeeere's....Ed!"

Book ISBN 10: 0446523704 Book ISBN 13: 9780446523707
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