Elimutab Et05 2gb Memory 16gb Storage Educational Kids Tablet

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Description for Elimutab ET05 2GB Memory 16GB Storage Educational Kids Tablet

Key features for Elimutab ET05 2GB Memory 16GB Storage Educational Kids Tablet

  • 7 Inch (1280×800 IPS)
  • RAM: 2GB
  • ROM: 16GB
  • Android 11
  • Sim Support: Yes
  • Front Camera: 2 MP
  • Rear Camera: 3 MP
  • 3500 mAH

Are you ready to transform your child's summer into an exciting educational escapade? Say hello to Elimutab ET05, Kenya's No. 1 Educational Kids Tablet! 

Unlock the World of 21st-Century Learning: Elimutab ET05 is not just a tablet; it's a multifaceted eLearning platform designed to enhance modern education. Tailored for CBC, Cambridge, Montessori, and the 8-4-4 Curriculum, the Elimutab ET05 redefines the learning-teaching process.

Elimutab ET05 has curriculum-centric content for all grades

Lower Primary Pupils: Dive into digital content with the tailored for grades 1 to 3, covering core subjects like Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Environment, Hygiene, and Nutrition.

Upper Primary Pupils: The Elimutab ET05 elevates learning for grades 4 to 8 with subjects ranging from Mathematics and English to Science and Technology, CRE, Social Studies, Home Science, Agriculture, Music, Art, and Craft.

Elimutab ET05 ensures endless educational exploration

The Elimutab ET05 allows you to access thousands of Courses, eBooks, Exams, Quizzes, and Educational YouTube Videos. Rest assured, the content is curated and teacher-approved, aligning with conventional school teachings.

Parental Control: Elimutab ET05 is a safe haven for curiosity!

Elimutab ET05 ensures unlimited user accounts: Elimutab ET05 enables you to tailor control for each child with multiple Parental Control User Accounts.

Elimutab ET05 time limits: Set usage timers on the Elimutab ET05 to ensure a balanced learning and playtime routine.

Elimutab ET05 has blacklist features: Disable unwanted websites and apps on your Elimutab ET05 for a controlled online environment.

Elimutab ET05 has remote control: The Elimutab ET05 allows you to monitor and control features from your smartphone, ensuring a safe digital space.

Elimutab ET05 statistics: Gain insights into your child's usage, from learning apps to games and movies.

Tech Specs: Elevating the Learning Experience!

Elimutab ET05 has a 7-inch Multi-touch Screen: Immerse in vibrant visuals with a 1280*800 IPS display.

Elimutab ET05 has powerful performance: MTK6592 CPU at 1.5-2.0GHZ for seamless operation.

Elimutab ET05 has a compact design: Slim body size of 18112110.8(mm) for easy handling.

Elimutab ET05 ensures ample storage: 16GB inner storage for storing a wealth of educational resources.

Elimutab ET05 connectivity: Stay connected with 3G WCDMA/GSM and lower consumption WiFi/BT.

Elimutab ET05 has parental control OS: Android special kids system with parents control mode & kids mode.

Empower your child with Elimutab ET05

Secure learning environment with Elimutab ET05: Shield your child from inappropriate content online.

Elimutab ET05 educational empowerment: Equip your child with the tools for academic success with the Elimutab ET05.

Elimutab ET05 ensures parental peace of mind: Ensure your child's online experiences align with your family values.

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